Dyed obi “Ryosen” from Atelier Shinagawa Exhibition

Summer-dyed obi “Ryosen” from Atelier Shinagawa’s work

For 40 years, Yoshichika Fukumura has been releasing his works to the world together with Kyoko Shinagawa.

Keeping our original spirit intact, we have made a new start as ``Atelier Shinagawa'' in our workshop in Uji, Kyoto, where we have spent the past 40 years.

This is a masterpiece that fully expresses Mr. Fukumura's sensibilities with the silky silk dyed obi and the delicately drawn azui clouds and swallows in shades of indigo!

It is a beauty that you can admire forever.

There are other works by Atelier Shinagawa and Kyoko Shinagawa that will be unveiled in Ginza, Tokyo .

These are all great works too!

Anyone can visit the "Atelier Shinagawa" exhibition. We look forward to meeting you all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Email info@sugio.info

Call 0166-26-2575

Official line https://lin.ee/AIpXGQc

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