From the Atelier Shinagawa Exhibition: Visiting Kimono “Karaka”

From “Atelier Shinagawa Exhibition”

Atelier Shinagawa Work Karahana Homongi

For 40 years, Yoshichika Fukumura has been releasing his works to the world together with Kyoko Shinagawa.

We have made a new start as ``Atelier Shinagawa'' in the workshop in Uji, Kyoto, where we have spent many years together.

This Karahanahangi is now a masterpiece of Shinagawa Yuzen that can only be created by Mr. Fukumura!

I'm grinning to myself as I look at it 😁

In addition, Mr. Fukumura was forced to create a bingata copy of the Tsumugi fabric.

This is also a great piece of work!
We will make an announcement at Ginza, Tokyo.

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