“Shinagawa Yuzen” that only Mr. Fukumura can create now

"Atelier Shinagawa Exhibition"

At Arai Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

From September 17th to September 23rd _ _

In ``Kanako Higuchi's Kimono Mawari,'' she is introduced as ``Mr. Fukumura, who supports Kyoko Shinagawa's work.'' It is truly indispensable.

From this photo, you can see the careful first-class craftsmanship of Mr. Fukumura, who has been creating works with Kyoko Shinagawa for 40 years.

For this "Atelier Shinagawa Exhibition", the number of works is small, as they have been carefully and carefully created by one person over the course of a year, but we have a collection of wonderful Shinagawa Yuzen!

Anyone can view it during the Atelier Shinagawa exhibition period, so please feel free to come and see it.

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